Monday, March 10, 2008

A wretch like me

Some years ago, there was a man who had committed murder; he had been indeed, a most dreadful character, but, through the teaching of a minister of Christ, he was converted to God. He had one anxiety, namely, that having believed in Jesus, he might be baptized before he suffered the sentence of the law. It could not be effected according to the law of the country in which he then lived, except he be baptized in chains; and he was baptized in chains. But what mattered it? He was baptized in joy; he knew that he who can save to the uttermost, could save even him, and though in chains, he was free, though guilty before man, pardoned in the sight of God, though punished by human law, saved from the curse by the precious blood of Jesus. There is no knowing how long God’s arm is, these is no telling how precious Christ’s blood is, until you have felt the power of it yourself, and then you will wonder as long as you live, even through eternity, and you will be astonished to think that the blood of Christ could save such a wretch as you are, and make you the monument of his mercy.

From a sermon entitled "The Silver Trumpet," delivered March 24, 1861. Flickr photo by Kenneth Baruch; some rights reserved.

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