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      Spurgeon preaching at Surrey

Thanks for visiting The Daily Spurgeon!  We publish excerpts from Spurgeon's writings six days a week, typically accompanied by a nature picture. We know people find in Spurgeon's writings the timeless truths of the Word of God, set forth pungently, as he might have said.  

You are welcome to share these posts with others. Spurgeon's writings are in the public domain in the USA.  There are handy links and buttons available to email posts to a friend or share them on your social sites.

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People are very interested in the photographs we use on the site. All of the pictures we use are taken from Flickr, under a Creative Commons license. To download a photo, right-click on it and follow the instructions of your particular browser. However, if you intend to use any of the pictures you must follow the terms of the Creative Commons license. Not to do so is a copyright violation - not to mention rude! In order to see more options for the photo and see the license terms, click on the link we typically run below the Spurgeon excerpt. It will say "Flickr photo by [artist]..." 

Christians should always observe copyright and licensing laws - it's an important part of your testimony, even if you don't agree with them. Here ends my sermon.