Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walking according to His path

God would have his people work according to his own revealed will. We must be very tender and jealous here. Whatever may he the opinions about the alteration of the constitution of our Missions, I do trust that we shall, all of us, when we come together, recognize the authority of God, and feel that we can only expect to have his guidance, his help, his blessing, when we walk according to the path which he has marked for us. If I go upon a tour, I do not expect to see certain sights which have been guaranteed to me by my friend, unless I agree to follow the little chart which he has mapped out for me. I cannot expect to have that sublime view of the Alps if I refuse to climb a certain spot and stand there and view the glacier and the snow peak glittering in the sun. And I cannot expect to have God’s blessing in my ministry and in the Sunday School class, unless I keep to “It is written;” and in all things have a tender conscience, and am jealous of myself lest I err.

How much more, then, in this greater work in which the whole Church is engaged! My brethren and sisters let us see to it, that in all things we compass this city of Jericho according to the divine order, for only so may we expect to see her walls come crumbling down.

From a sermon entitled "Jericho Captured." Image by Mirko Macari under Creative Commons License.

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