Friday, February 13, 2009

The Precious Blood of Christ

Behold here, a person innocent, without taint within, or flaw without; a person meritorious, who magnified the law and made it honorable — a person who served both God and man even unto death. Nay, here you have a divine person — so divine, that in the Acts of the Apostles Paul calls his blood the “blood of God.” Place innocence, and merit, and dignity, and position, and Godhead itself, in the scale, and then conceive what must be the inestimable value of the blood which Jesus Christ poured forth. Angels must have seen that matchless blood-shedding with wonder and amazement, and even God himself saw what never before was seen in creation or in providence; he saw himself more gloriously displayed than in the whole universe beside.

From a sermon entitled "The Precious Blood of Christ," delivered March 26, 1865. Image by Flemming Christiansen under Creative Commons License.

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