Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why shouldn't we praise the Lord?

It comes so natural to us to detail our grievances and hardships, and only by mere accident, or as a conscientious duty, do we relate the story of the Lord’s goodness towards us. Come, my brethren, let us see if we cannot touch a sweeter string this morning; let us lay aside the sackbut, and try the dulcimer.

With Christians, a cheerful carriage should be the rule. Of all the men that live, we are the most fitted to rejoice; we have the most reasons for it, and the most precepts for it; let us not come behind in it. Heaven is our portion, and the thoughts of its amazing bliss should cheer us on the road. Christ has given to us such large and wide domains of grace and glory, that it would be altogether unseemly that there should be a poverty of happiness where there is such an affluence of possession. In considering our own portion, which must be a blessed one, since “the Lord is the portion of our inheritance and of our cup,” let us see if we cannot find themes for song, and abundant cause to stir all that is within us to magnify the Lord.

From a sermon entitled "The Overflowing Cup," delivered June 6, 1869. Image by johnny myreng henriksen under Creative Commons License.

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