Monday, March 15, 2010

A faith which will not retreat

Brethren beloved in the Lord, believe that all things work together for your good, and that if you are commanded by conscience and God’s word to do that which would beggar you or cast you into disrepute, it cannot be a real hurt to you; it must be all right. I have seen men cast out of work owing to their keeping the Lord’s-day, or they have been for a little time out of a situation because they could not fall into the tricks of trade, and they have suffered awhile; but, alas! some of them have lost heart after a time, and yielded to the evil.

O for the faith which never will, under any persuasion or compulsion, fly from the field. If men had strength enough to say, “If I die and rot I will not sin; if they cast me out to the carrion crow, yet still nothing shall make me violate my conscience, or do what God commands me not to do, or fail to do what God commands me to perform!” This is the faith of Abraham. Would God we had it! We should have a glorious race of Christians if such were the case.

From a sermon entitled "Mature Faith - Illustrated By Abraham's Offering Up Isaac," delivered May 2, 1869. Image by Mike McCullough under Creative Commons License.

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