Monday, March 23, 2009

What the Presence of Jesus can do

Wherever Jesus Christ is found, his presence is marvellously mighty. The disciples, when Christ was absent, were like sheep without a shepherd, they were foiled in argument, and even defeated in attempted miracles; but as soon as our Savior made his appearance among them, they returned to their wonted strength. When a valiant general suddenly hastens to the rescue of his routed troops, the dash of his horse-hoofs reassures the trembling, and the sound of his voice transforms each coward into a hero. May the glorious Captain of our salvation show himself in the midst of our Churches, and there will be a joyous shout along our ranks. You will have no need to exchange ministers, or to wish for a better class of Christians; the same officers, and the same soldiers will suffice to win splendid victories. If Jesus be present, the men will be so changed,bthat you will scarcely know them; they shall be filled with power from on high, and do great exploits in his name and by his strength.

From a sermon entitled "The Blind Man's Earnest Cries," delivered August 20, 1865. Image by B Mully under Creative Commons License.

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