Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We ought to have praised Him

My brethren, we are verily guilty in speaking hard things of our God. When the children of Israel were come to the borders of the promised land, and sent out spies to search it, and see what the prospect was, and how to prepare for the future occupation of it, ten of the men on their return gave an ill report of the country which God had sworn to give unto his people. Now, what was the punishment which was inflicted on them for this evil speech concerning God’s gift? Why, they died by the plague before the Lord, and thus God proved his anger and wrath against their sin. Happy is it for us that he does not thus visit our evil words and hard thoughts concerning himself. We have often brought up an ill report of our God when we ought to have praised him without ceasing for all his lovingkindness towards us the sons of men. Brethren, let us give up all repining and fretful speaking.

From a sermon entitled "In Whom Art Thou Trusting?" Image by aussiegall under Creative Commons License.

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