Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christ can take away your sin

Thy sins, like Egypt’s hosts, are many and mighty; Christ’s worthiness is like the flood of the Red Sea, able to drown the whole, so that not one of their host shall be left; they shall sink into the bottom like a stone. Thy sins are like Noah’s flood, which drowned all mankind; Christ’s worthiness is like Noah’s ark, which swims above the tide and mounts the higher as the flood grows deeper. The deeper thy sin the more is Christ’s merit exalted above the heavens when Jehovah forgives thee all thine iniquities. Think not little of Christ. I would not have thee think little of sin, but still think more of Christ. Sin is finite; it is the creature’s act. Christ is infinite; he is omnipotent. Whatever then thy sin may be, Christ is greater than thy sin, and able to take it away.

From a sermon entitled "For Christ's Sake," delivered February 12, 1865. Image by Andrew Larsen under Creative Commons License.


Willem said...

Thank you for the much needed reminder. Where can I get the full sermon? Keep well. Willem

Harvest Time said...

Hi Willem,

You can find Spurgeon's sermons online in many different places. His work on the Psalms, called the Treasury of David, is also available in many places. There are also companies where you can purchase CDs of his complete works.