Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attaining the choicest joys

Depend upon it, you that live unto yourselves, that save your wealth when you ought to give it, are not indulged with that fellowship with Jesus which others have, who have consecrated themselves and their substance wholly to the Lord. I am sure that by not giving, you miss infinite pleasure; I speak not now concerning your safety, I believe you are saved through faith in Christ Jesus; but if you do not devote yourselves and all that you have to the Master’s cause, you never will be admitted to those choicer joys, to those more intimate fellowships, which belong to those who live close to their Savior in consecration.

Find me the happiest Christians, and I am sure they are those who are most attached to their Lord. Tell me who they arc that sit oftenest under the banner of his love, and drink deepest draughts from the cup of communion, and I am sure they will he those who give most, who serve best, and who abide closest to the bleeding heart of their dear Lord. Perhaps for this reason Mary was privileged by the grace of God to be the first to see the risen Savior.

From a sermon entitled "Jesus Appearing To Mary Magdalene," delivered April 16, 1865. Image by Flemming Christiansen under Creative Commons License.

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