Saturday, March 8, 2008

Men of humility

If we do not come to God’s altar humbly, we cannot come acceptably. Whether we preach or pray, or give alms, or whatsoever we do, it is needful that we bend exceedingly low before we enter upon the work; for if not, self-seeking, self-glorifying will lie at the bottom of all, and God neither can nor will accept us. Look at too many Christians! How little of that humility before service have they. They will pick that position in the Church which will give them most honor, and if there be work to do which will confer no position upon them, they leave that to others. If you require a man to occupy an honorable position in the Church, you can find scores, but if you need one who shall be a menial in the house of God, who shall be the least in God’s heritage, how difficult to find an individual.

From a sermon entitled "Humility," delivered March 17, 1861. Flickr photo by Prabhu; some rights reserved.

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