Saturday, March 1, 2008

Christ our companion

There was one chosen out of the twelve, as the twelve had been chosen out of the rest, who knew Christ as a dear companion, and as a sweet friend. There was one who knew his bosom as affording a pillow for his weary head, one who had felt his heart beat close to his cheek, one who had been with him on the mountain of Transfiguration, and had enjoyed fellowship with the Father, through his Son Jesus Christ. Now I fear that those who advance as far as John did are not very many. They are doctrinal Christians, and thus they have made an advance upon those who are only trusting Christians and not more. But John had taken a wonderful stride before his fellow men, when he could claim Christ as being dear to him, the companion of his life, the friend of his days. May the Lord teach each of us more and more how to walk with Jesus and to know his love!

From a sermon entitled "The Christ of Patmos," delivered January 27, 1861. Flickr photo by Domenico Salvagnin; some rights reserved.

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