Friday, March 21, 2008

It Is Finished

He is nailed to the tree; the world abhors him, fools gaze, and sinners laugh. Do you lay down your weapons and say, it is idle to defend such a man as this? It is all over now, he bows his head upon the cross. “It is finished,” saith he; and do your unbelieving hearts say, “Ay, indeed, it is finished; his career is over, his hopes are blighted, his prospects withered?” Ah! Little do you know that his shame was the mother of his future glory; that the stooping was the rising, that the crown of thorns was in fact the fruitful root out of which sprang the eternal crown of glory.

From a sermon entitled "The Missionaries' Charge And Charts," delivered April 21, 1861. Photo courtesy of stock.xchng.

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