Friday, March 27, 2009

Prayer first and last

We wish to do our best to erect fresh places of worship for this ever increasing city, and it is a happy day to me whenever I see the topstone brought out of a new House of Prayer; but not one single soul shall ever be made to rejoice in Christ Jesus by the mere fact of a place of worship being erected, or of worship being celebrated therein. We must have the energy of the Holy Ghost. There is the one all important matter.

What is there practical about this? Why, then it becomes more and more imperatively necessary that we should be much in prayer to God that the Holy Ghost would come. We have the spirit of prayerfulness among us as a Church. Let me earnestly entreat you never to lose it.

From a sermon entitled "Degrees of Power Attending the Gospel," delivered September 3, 1865. Image by Charles Tilford under Creative Commons License.

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