Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Come and see

“Come and see.” — John 1:39.

What do you go to God’s house for? Is it to have your ears tickled? Do you go to the place of worship that you may admire the eloquence of man? Go to your theater or your senate if this be your errand; such places are the legitimate arena for display; but come not to God’s house for that. There we should resort to learn to pray, we should come that we may, in the words of our text, “see;” see ourselves, and better still, see the Lord Jesus. This should be the first enquiry as we go up the steps into the place of meeting; “Sirs, we would see Jesus;” and if Jesus is not to be seen there, no matter how brilliant the display of fireworks with which the sermonizer may indulge you; that is not the proper place in which to spend the precious hours of the Sabbath day. We would see Jesus, we would know what we must do to be saved. Observe then, observe carefully, keep your eyes open, not only to the world of nature, but to the Book of God, and the lives of his people, and thus “Come and see.”

From a sermon entitled "Two Loving Invitations. Image by ciRo under Creative Commons License.

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