Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making a full confession of sin

Men will often lay a stress upon sins of which they are not conspicuously guilty, and omit those which are the most glaring. What unrenewed man thinks it a sin to forget God, to forsake the Creator’s fountain of living waters for the cisterns of the creature, or to live without God in the world? And yet, these are the most crying of all iniquities. To rob God of his glory, to despise his Son, to disbelieve the gospel, to live for self, to be self-righteous - all these are heinous evils, but what carnal man owns to them as such?

Covetousness! Again, who ever confesses that? Thousands are guilty of it, but few will own it even in private before the Lord. No confession will be acceptable before God, unless you are willing to make a clean breast of the whole of your evil ways, words and thoughts, before the searcher of hearts.

From a sermon entitled "Confession Of Sin Illustrated By The Cases Of Dr. Pritchard And Constance Kent." Image by Paul Esson under Creative Commons License.

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