Friday, August 3, 2007

Don't give up praying!

Photo by Jalal HB, some rights reserved

Do not give up praying because you feel you cannot pray, but pray twice as much, for you want* more prayer, and instead of being less with God, be more. Do not let a sense of unworthiness drive you away. A child should not run away from its mother at night because it wants* washing. Your children do not keep away from you because they are hungry, nor because they have torn their clothes, but they come to you just because of their necessities. They come because they are children, but they come oftener because they are needy children, because they are sorrowful children.

So let every need, let every pain, let every weakness, let every sorrow, let every sin, drive you to God. Do not say, “Depart from me.” It is a natural thing that you should say so, and not a thing altogether to be condemned, but it is a glorious thing, it is a God honoring thing, it is a wise thing, to say, on the contrary, “Come to me, Lord; come nearer to me still, for I am a sinful man, and without thy presence I am utterly undone.”

* - i.e., need

From a sermon entitled "Peter's Prayer," delivered June 10, 1869.


Don said...

Nick - Thanks for this wonderful (and timely) post for today and thanks for commenting on my blog.



Harvest Time said...

Hi Don,

Likewise, and I'm glad it was a blessing!