Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let the Backsliders Love Him More

It is amazing grace which not only saves at first, bet restores the wandering sheep after it has gone astray. Oh, you Christians who are kept by divine grace walking with God, you have much to praise him for, you ought to bless him every day you live; but you who have fallen and gone aside, if the Lord brings you back you must henceforth render double diligence and sevenfold love. Henceforth you must be like the woman who broke the alabaster box over Christ’s head, you must feel that you cannot do enough for that dear Lord and Savior who saw you in all your rebellions, and yet loved you. Loving you because he would love you; not because you were lovely, but because he would love you; not because you were deserving, but because he would love you. This ought to make you the very choicest of Christians, this should place you in the front of the champions of the Lord in the day of battle.

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "Mercy's Master Motive," delivered March 17, 1872. Image by Liz West under Creative Commons License.

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K. Mabus said...

Dear Lord, Thank you for your mercy as I went my own way, forgive me my sin, blow on my embers and restore me to whom which gives You the glory in everything I do.