Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Labor in the King's garden

The church is the King’s garden. I am going to ask, now, if the church be a garden, what does it need? One thing it certainly requires, is labor. You cannot keep a garden in proper order without work. We want more laborers in this church, especially of one sort. We want some who will be planters.

I had a letter last week from a young woman; I do not know who she is... She says that she has been here for two years; that she has been very anxious about her soul, and she has often wished that somebody would speak to her, but nobody has done so. Now, if I knew where she sat, I should say to the friends who sit there, that I am ashamed of them! As I do not know where she sits, will those of you who do love Christ, but who have not been in the habit of looking after others, be so kind as to be ashamed of yourselves, because there is somebody or other to be blamed in this business. If you love Jesus at all, I cannot tell how you can let a person come to this Tabernacle for two years and not speak to them. Somebody has been negligent, very negligent; whoever it may be, let him see to it.

From a sermon entitled "King's Gardens," delivered December 29, 1867. Image by Abby Lanes under Creative Commons License.

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