Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Messenger of the Covenant

lake grass

Moses was messenger of the covenant of works, and his face shone, for the ministration of death was glorious; but Christ is the messenger of the covenant of grace. O let his face shine in your esteem, you saints of the Lord, for the ministration of life must be more glorious, far! Christ comes to us to tell us all that God will tell. The revelation of God is Christ. If you would know God, he that has seen Christ has seen the Father. God’s word is Jesus, he speaks fully by him. Would you know the Father’s decree? “I will declare the decree,” saith Christ. Would you know his character? See every attribute of God in the man, Christ. Would you know his designs? See the designs of God effected in the works of Jesus. Would you know in fact all that is knowable of God? Understand that you can see it, not in nature, nor in providence, but in Jesus...

From a sermon entitled "The Messenger of the Covenant," delivered September 7, 1862. Flickr photo by Sharon Mollerus; some rights reserved.

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