Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Attentive to the preaching of the Word

Field of Grain

Carry home what of truth you can. Take notes in your heart. And when you have gathered and have your hands full, take care to discriminate. Ruth, we are told, threshed her corn and left the straw behind, and took home the good wheat. You do the same. There is much straw in all our sermons, much that our Master would not have us say, for we are poor, poor creatures, and but fallible like yourselves, but leave the straw behind, and take home the good wheat; and do us this service - do not take home the straw and leave the wheat as some do. There are many foolish gleaners who, if there be one word of ours awry will tell it to our discredit, but our Master’s words they will forget.

From a sermon entitled "A Sermon For Gleaners," delivered August 10, 1862. Flickr photo by Giuseppe Zeta; some rights reserved.

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