Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Your religion is not vain

blue flower

...I know a man who was as stingy a soul as could be, once, and now he is as generous a man as walks God’s earth. There is another, he was not immoral, but he was passionate, and now he is as quiet as a lamb. It is grace that has altered these characters, and yet you tell me that this is a fiction! I have not patience to answer you. A fiction! If religion does not prove itself to be true by these facts, then do not believe it; if it does not, when it comes into a neighborhood, turn it upside down, sweep the cobwebs out of its sky, clean the houses, take the men out of the public-houses; if it does not make swearers pray, and hard-hearted men tender and compassionate, then it is not worth a button. But our religion does do all this, and therefore we boldly say, it is not a vain thing.

From a sermon entitled "Religion - Reality!," delivered June 22, 1862. Flickr photo by Dawn; some rights reserved.

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