Saturday, December 22, 2007

Conquerors in Christ

Satan came against Christ; he had in his hand a sharp sword called the Law, dipped in the poison of sin, so that every wound which the law inflicted was deadly. Christ dashed this sword out of Satan's hand, and there stood the prince of darkness unarmed. His helmet was cleft in twain, and his head was crushed as with a rod of iron. Death rose against Christ. The Savior snatched his quiver from him, emptied out all his darts, cut them in two, gave Death back the feather end, but kept the poisoned barbs from him, that he might never destroy the ransomed. Sin came against Christ, but sin was utterly cut in pieces. It had been Satan's armor bearer, but its shield was cast away, and it lay dead upon the plain.

Is it not a noble picture to behold all the enemies of Christ? — nay, my brethren, all your enemies, and mine, totally disarmed? Satan has nothing left him, now wherewith he may attack us. He may attempt to injure us, but wound us he never can, among the Romans, after the enemy has been overcome, it was the custom to take away all their weapons and ammunition; afterwards they were stripped of their armor and their garments, their hands were tied behind their backs, and they were made to pass under the yoke. Now, even so hath Christ done with sin, death, and hell; he hath taken their armor, spoiled them of all their weapons, and made them all to pass under the yoke; so that now they are our slaves, and we in Christ are conquerors of them who were mightier than we.

From a sermon entitled "Christ Triumphant," delivered September 4, 1859. Flickr photo by Angelo Juan Ramos; some rights reserved.

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