Friday, December 14, 2007

Come and drink!

Every soul in the world that feels its need of a Savior, and that longs to be saved, may come to Christ. If God hath convinced thee of sin, and brought thee to know thy need come, come away; come, come away! Come now; trust now in Christ, and thou shalt now find that blessed are all they that trust in him. The door of mercy does not stand on the jar, it is wide open. The gates of
heaven are not merely hanging on the latch, but they are wide open both night and day. Come, let us go together to that blessed house of mercy, and drive our wants away.

The grace of Christ is like our street drinking fountains, open to every thirsty wanderer There is the cup, the cup of faith. Come and hold it here while the water freely flows and drink. There is no one can come up and say it is not made for you; for you can say, “Oh, yes it is, I am a thirsty soul; it is meant for me.” “Nay,” says the devil, “you are too wicked.” No, but this is a free-drinking fountain. It does not say over the top of the fountain, “No thieves to drink here.” All that is wanted at the drinking fountain, is simply that you should be willing to drink, that you should be thirsty and desire.

From a sermon entitled "An Earnest Invitation," delivered July 3, 1859; Flickr photo by Christian Abend; some rights reserved.

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