Monday, March 21, 2011

The One, Non-Repeatable Sacrifice of the Cross

He himself was the sacrifice; his body the altar, himself the priest, himself also the victim. On Calvary’s tree he presented himself a substitute for human guilt, and there he bore the crushing weight of Jehovah’s wrath in his own body, on the behalf of all his people. On him their sins were laid, and he was numbered with the transgressors; and there he, in their stead, suffered what was due to the righteousness of God, and made atonement to divine justice for the sins of his people. This was done, not by many offerings, but by one sacrifice, and that one alone. Jesus offered no other sacrifice: he had never made one before, nor since, nor will he present another sacrifice in the future. His sin offering is one.

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "The Only Atoning Priest," delivered February 4, 1872. Image by Michael Peligro under Creative Commons License.

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