Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bring them to hear the Word

It is not all who hear that will be saved, but the ordinary way with God is for men first to hear, then to believe, and so to be saved. “Being in the way, God met with me,” said Obadiah; and the road which a soul should follow to be met with by God is the way of hearing. Though it may seem a very trite thing to say, it is nevertheless exceedingly important, if we are to have household conversion, that there should be a household hearing of the word. This is the chosen instrumentality, and we must bring all under the instrumentality if we wish them to obtain the blessing.

Now, in this City, many fathers never hear the word of God, because they regard the Sabbath Day as a day of laziness. They work so hard all the week, they say, that they are not fit to rise from their beds in the morning, and then, after a heavy dinner, the evening must be spent in loitering about, and chatting away time. Brethren, if you want to see your fellow-workmen saved, you should earnestly endeavor to bring them under the sound of the gospel. Here is a very useful occupation for many of you. You cannot preach, but you can gather a congregation for those who do. A little persuasion would succeed in many cases, and once bring them here, we would hope to hold them.

If I could not be the instrument of converting a soul by preaching the gospel myself, I would habitually addict myself to the bringing of strangers to listen to those whom God has owned to the conversion of souls. Why, our congregations need never be thin — I speak not now for myself, for I have no need — but in no place where the gospel is preached need there be a thin audience, if those who already appreciate the Gospel would feel it to be a Christian duty to bring others to hear it. Do this, I pray you. I believe it to be one of the most important efforts which a Christian man can make, to endeavor to bring the working men of London, and, indeed, all classes of men everywhere, to listen to the Gospel of Christ. The men, the fathers, the heads of households, we must have.

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "Household Salvation," delivered November 5, 1871. Image by Hugo Silva under Creative Commons License.

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mark said...

Thank you so much for bringing Spurgeon into my daily quest to please the Lord. This presentation of Spurgeon has been a blessing to me many times over. It instructs, convicts, brings joy and understanding and somuch more.
Thank you again. May God return this blessing to you ten fold.
In Christ's Love,