Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It is high time we awaken!

The world is perishing for lack of knowledge. Did any one among us ever lay China on his heart? Your imagination cannot grapple with the population of that mighty empire, without God, without Christ, strangers to the commonwealth of Israel. But it is not China alone; there are other vast nations lying in darkness; the great serpent hath coiled himself around the globe, and who shall set the world free from him?

Reflect upon this one city with its three millions. What sin the moon sees! What sin the Sabbath sees! Alas! for the transgressions of this wicked city. Babylon of old could not have been worse than London is, nor so guilty, for she had not the light that London has received. Brethren, there is no hope for China, no hope for the world, no hope for our own city, while the church is sluggish and lethargic. It is through the church the blessing is bestowed. Christ multiplies the bread, and gives it to the disciples; the multitudes can only get it through the disciples. Oh, it is time, it is high time that the churches were awakened to seek the good of dying myriads. Moreover, brethren, the powers of evil are ever active. We may sleep, but Satan sleepeth never. The church’s plough lies yonder, rusting in the furrow: do you not see it, to your shame? But the plough of Satan goes from end to end of his great field, he leaves no headland, but he ploughs deep whilst sluggish churches sleep. May we be stirred as we see the awful activity of evil spirits and persons who are under their sway.

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "Travailing for Souls," delivered September 3, 1871. Image by paul (dex) under Creative Commons License.

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