Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He saw that tear

When you let fall a tear because you could not understand the word, Jesus saw that tear; when you groaned because you could not get satisfaction of heart, he heard that groan. Never true heart seeks Christ without Christ’s being well aware of it. Well may he know of it, for every motion of a trembling heart towards himself is caused by his own love. He is drawing you, though you perceive not the hands of a man which encircle you. He is the hidden loadstone by which your heart is moved. I know it is night with you, and you grope like a blind man for the wall; but if your heart says, “O that I could but embrace him! O that he were mine! If I could but find rest in him, I would give all that I have.” Then be assured that Jesus is close to you: your prayers are in his ear, your tears fall upon his heart; he knows all about your difficulties, all about your doubts and fears, and he sympathises in the whole, and in due time he will break your snares, and you shall yet with joy draw water out of the wells of salvation.

From a sermon entitled "Nathanael And The Fig Tree," delivered March 20, 1870. Image by dingbat2005 under Creative Commons License.

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