Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet Communion with Christ

I bear my testimony tonight that there is no joy to be found in all this world like that of sweet communion with Christ. I would barter all else there is of heaven for that. Indeed, that is heaven. As for the harps of gold, and the streets like unto clear glass, and the songs of seraphs, and the shouts of the redeemed, one could very well give all these up, counting them as a drop of a bucket, if we might for ever live in fellowship and communion with Jesus. When it is our great privilege to press close to our Lord, and to feel that he loves us, and that we love him, and to lean our head upon his bosom, then it is glory this side Jordan!

From a sermon entitled "Bringing The King Back," delivered April 19, 1868. Image by Sam Ilic Photography - STAGE88 under Creative Commons License.

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