Monday, December 10, 2007

Our testimony

Every Christian is to be a testifier. Everything that God has made speaks of him. One speaks of his power, another of his majesty. The rolling sea, and the bespangled sky, both tell of his power and of his strength. Others tell of his wisdom; some of his goodness. But the saint has a peculiar testimony. He is to be a witness with heart and lips. All the other creatures speak not with words. They may sing as they shine, but they cannot sing vocally. It is the believer’s part in the great eternal chorus to lift up voice and heart at once, and as an intelligent, living, loving, learning witness, to testify to God. Now I think I can say, or rather, I will speak for the thousands of Israel gathered here this morning, — we can say our testimony to a believing world, and to poor despairing sinners, is just this, — “we know and have believed the love that God hath towards us.” This is our testimony, and we desire to tell it everywhere as long as we live; and, dying, we hope we shall be enabled to repeat it with our last laboring breath. We will say, when life is finished, and eternity begins, “We have known and have believed the love that God hath towards us.”

From a sermon entitled "A Psalm of Remembrance," delivered May 22, 1859; Flickr photo by Tobias Leeger; some rights reserved.

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