Monday, October 3, 2011

My Lord and my God

And first, dear friends, we ought to say to Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” in reference to his divinity. How can we be saved if we do not? Jesus Christ of Nazareth is to us Lord and God. We do not hesitate to use the language of Thomas when he put his finger into the print of the nails, and to say to him, “My Lord and my God.” Let others say of him what they will, and make him to be a mere man, or a prophet, or a delegated God, such talk is nothing to the point with us; we believe him to be very God of very God, and worship him this day as he is enthroned in the highest heavens, believing him to be worthy of the adoration which is due to God alone....

Compromise must always be impossible where the truth is essential and fundamental. There are some points in which we may agree to differ, but these are points in which there can be no mutual concessions or tonings down of statement. Christ Jesus is either God or he is not, and if he be God, as we believe he is, then those who reject his deity cannot be true believers in him, and, therefore, must miss the benefits which he promises to those who receive him. I cannot conceive any man to be right in religion if he be not right in reference to the person of the Redeemer. “You cannot be right in the rest unless you think rightly of him.” If you will not have him to be your God, neither will he save you. Let his abundant miracles, his divine teaching, his unique character, and his resurrection convince you that “the Word was God,” and is in all respects equally divine with the Father and the Spirit.

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "The Sieve." Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr under Creative Commons License.

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Anonymous said...

What you Both Spurgeon fail to realize, is God is the one who opens the eyes of them who believe the gospel; otherwise you who don't believe, your eyes are blinded by the god of this world, 2Cor4:3-4 The manifesting light, manifesting the knowledge of God's glory is the faith of Christ,Rom10:6-10. John 3:19-21 should be clear to you of this point. Now you and Spurgeaon speak as though your own intellectual prowess have attained; But Philippians 2:29 clearly reveals; it is given to us on the behalf of Christ "TO BELIEVE" THIS SHOULD BE CLEAR; IN THAT UNLESS THE GOSPEL IS PREACHED ONE COULD NOT BELIEVE, LET ALONE CALL UPON THE NAME OF JESUS FOR SALVATION. SECONDARILY IT IS THE WITNESS OF THE SPIRIT UPON THE PREACHING OF THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS OF FAITH (1 Cor15:1-4)WHEN PREACHED THAT ONE with the heart can believe, Heb10:15, sincerely edwah z j