Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Will Praise Thee

The museum of grace is richer than that of nature. A heart broken on account of sin is a far greater wonder than the rarest fossil, whatever it may tell of ancient floods of the sea or convulsions of the land. An eye that glistens with the tears of penitence is a greater marvel than the cataract of Niagara, or the fountains of the Nile. Faith that humbly links itself to Christ has in it as great a beauty as the rainbow, and the confidence which looks alone to Jesus, and so irradiates the soul, is as much an object for admiration as is the sun when he shineth in his strength. Talk not of the pyramids, the Colossus, the golden house of Nero, or the temple of Ephesus, for the living temple of God’s church is fairer far. Let others glory in the marvels they have seen but be it mine to say unto my Lord, “I will praise thee, for thou hast done wonderful things...."

From a sermon entitled "A Blessed Wonder," delivered June 12, 1870. Image by Beverly & Pack under Creative Commons License.


Wilks in Poland said...

Oh but for His grace, were would we be?
Thank God for His amazing grace and wonderful mercies that are new every morn!

cilla said...

AWE..someness. I WILL praise thee too...and i LOVE you so. Heavenly Father for RECONCILING me back to you....2 Corinthians 5:17,18.... SOOOooo much to PRAISE and THANK you for.....So AmAzInG! ....your grace is amazing.