Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stand in awe of the Spirit

When a scholar knows that all he has learned has been taught him by his master, he looks up from his master’s feet into his master’s face with respectful reverence and esteem. O reverence the Holy Ghost. Let us in our public ministry and in our private meditations always stand in awe of him. I am afraid we too much forget him, let us reverence him especially by obedience to his faintest monitions. As the leaves of the aspen tremble to the faintest breath of the wind, so may we tremble to the faintest breath of God’s Holy Spirit. Let us prize the word because he wrote it; let us love the ordinances because he puts life and power into them. Let us love his indwelling, and never grieve him lest he hide his face from us. “He that hath wrought us to the selfsame thing is God.” Vex not his Spirit, but anxiously ask that he would continue his work, and complete it in righteousness.

From a sermon entitled "The Glorious Hereafter And Ourselves," delivered January 23, 1870. Image by Tim Green under Creative Commons License.

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