Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nearer than ever to home!

You have been nearly shipwrecked, but you are not wrecked. The storm has been very furious, but above all the billows Jehovah’s power has kept and preserved you. Your feet had almost gone, your steps had well nigh slipped, but the divine power interposed in everlasting grace, and to this day - a wonder unto many, but especially a wonder to yourself - you are still on the road towards the celestial city, and you are nearer to it than when you first believed.

From a sermon entitled "Timely Reflections," delivered December 27, 1868. Image by Craig ONeal under Creative Commons License.

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Erik said...

What an encouraging quote, especially this line:

"Jehovah's power has kept and preserved you."

What a joy to know that I am still on that road to the 'celestial city', nearer to it than when I came to Christ 30 years ago.

This quote made my week! Thanks C.H. (aka, Nick!)