Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confidence in Our Savior

The Spirit of the Lord was upon him. He came in his Father’s name, clothed with his Father’s authority: “I do not mine own will,” said he, “but the will of him that sent me.” He continually calls it his Father’s work and business which he came to do. This ought to give us richest consolation.

Jesus is no amateur Savior, who has no right to appear as our representative: he comes in a legal and proper manner. The King of kings hath appointed him, and what he does he does in the name and by the authority of God. God hath sent his Son into the world. His death, though voluntary on his own part, was not without the consent and will of his Father. It pleased the Father to bruise him: he hath put him to grief.

From a sermon entitled "Jesus Putting Away Sin," delivered July 7, 1867. Image by James Jordan by under Creative Commons License.

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