Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The beauty and holiness of Christ

God as a Spirit infinitely and exclusively holy, delights in holiness: as a truthful spirit he cannot be satisfied with anything that is untruthful: as a most just and yet loving Being, he finds in the person of Jesus Christ an expiation which was in every way honorable to justice, and a revelation of grace according to the goodwill of divine love, which is precious to himself beyond all expression, and admirable to all holy creatures far beyond all blessing and praise.

Whenever the great God contemplates his own dear Son, he feels an intense delight in surveying his character, and in beholding his sufferings. You and I, so far as we have been taught of God, must find infinite and unspeakable delight in the person and work of Christ; but, alas! we are like common people who look upon a fine picture without a cultivated understanding in the art of painting, we cannot perceive the whole beauty, we do not know the richness of its colouring, and the wondrous skill of all its touches. Who but Jehovah understands holiness? Who like God knows what great love means? Or who save the Lord can comprehend justice and truth to perfection? Therefore it is that as he gazes upon that matchless masterpiece of love and justice, of truth, and holiness, embodied in the person of his dear Son, he finds that infinite satisfaction which our faith is perpetually struggling by small degrees to realize.

From a sermon entitled "Sweet Savour," delivered April 29, 1866. Image by Olof S under Creative Commons License.

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