Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Continue in prayer

But why should the Church — to come to the question — why should the Church continue in prayer? For several reasons, and the first is, God will answer her. It is not possible that God should refuse to hear prayer. It is possible for him to bid the sun stand still, and the moon to stay her monthly march, it is possible for him to bid the waves freeze in the sea, possible for him to quench the light of the stars in eternal darkness, but it is not possible for him to refuse to hear prayer which is based upon his promise and offered in faith. He can reverse nature, but he cannot reverse his own nature, and he must do this before he can forbear to hear and answer prayer.

From a sermon entitled "A Sermon For the Week Of Prayer," delivered January 6, 1861 . Flickr photo by Kok Leng Yeo; some rights reserved.

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