Friday, September 28, 2007

Think about God's goodness

Go to bed each night, and wake up each morning, with admiring thoughts of God’s goodness, and with adoring thoughts towards God’s greatness. You will find these thoughts to be like bees, that will come home to you laden with honey. Let your soul be a hive of them. Worship the Lord. Think much of him. Let every blessing you receive make you think of him. Do not sit at the table, and offer what we call “grace” because it is the custom to do so; but let your soul really see God’s hand in the gift of everything that is on the table. We need not fear worldly thoughts if we were to sanctify those worldly thoughts. Said one, “The road on which I tread makes me think of Christ - the way. The door through which I pass makes me think of Christ -the door. I cannot handle money but what I think that I am not my own, but am bought with a price. I do not receipt a bill without recollecting that he has blotted out the handwriting of ordinances
that was against me. I cannot talk to my fellow-man and receive his answer without thinking how I talk with God, and how he answers me.” In such manner, with many thoughts of God, you will find the fruit of heavenly-mindedness in your spirit. Angels will come and go to and fro
between you and the courts of the Most High, if you have many of these admiring and adoring thoughts of God.

From a sermon entitled "Thoughts and Their Fruit."

Photo by Thomas Mues; some rights reserved.

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