Monday, November 14, 2011

Get away to your Father

This is what the sinner has to do, and what the Spirit enables him to do: namely, to come straight away to his God. But, alas! very commonly, when men begin to be anxious, they go round about and hasten to a friend to tell him about it, or they even resort to a deceitful priest, and seek help from him. They fly to a saint or a virgin, and ask these to be mediators for then, instead of accepting the only Mediator Jesus Christ, and going to God at once by him. They fly to outward forms and ceremonies, or they turn to their Bibles, their prayers, their repentances, or their sermon-hearings; in fact, to anything rather than their God. But the prodigal knew better; he went to his father, and it will be a grand day for you, O sinner, when you do the same.

Go straight away to your God in Christ Jesus. “Come here,” says the priest. Pass that fellow by. Get away to your Father. Reject an angel from heaven if he would detain you from the Lord. Go personally, directly, and at once to God in Christ Jesus. But surely I must perform some ceremony first? Not so did the prodigal, he arose and went at once to his father. Sinner, you must come to God, and Jesus is the way. Go to him then, tell him you have done wrong, confess your sins to him, and yield yourself to him. Cry, “Father, I have sinned: forgive me, for Jesus’ sake.”

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "The Turning Point," delivered August 23, 1874. Image by Steve-h on Flickr under Creative Commons License.


tina said...

I can't say AMEN enough.He is alive,and it is He WHO SAVES! Often people get lost in the habits of "doing",and other's follow them..But we all need to remember the simple message..Christ died for our sins,AND ,rose again the third day and lives forever more to make innercession for those who believe in Him!HE is alive,and willing to reconcile us forever to God the Father! Aren't we so blessed in His wonderful mercy..

Julie Reynolds said...

I must say Amen to what you've written here. Amen!

Michael Wolfe Dechane said...

I have been reading the daily mails for quite a while now -- this might be my favorite that I can remember. Thanks so much for sharing the gorgeous photos and prose.

Anonymous said...

having such a hard time in life right now, i feel Jesus is so far off and doesn't hear me. any suggestions of what to do?

Spurgeon said...

He always hears and He identifies with us in our weaknesses! He has known every kind of sorrow and temptation.

1. Continue to read your Bible daily. Read the Gospel of John and the Psalms.

2. Pray and ask God to give you light and understanding.

3. Be sure you are in fellowship with other Christians. Isolation can create depression!

Anonymous said...

my heart is harden toward my local churches. these churches around here don't have nothing to benefit me from.