Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The matchless wisdom of God

The serpent was exceeding wise, but God was wiser far. Satan’s craft was dexterous, but God’s wisdom was infinite in its prescience. Wisdom has outmatched craft. Is it not glorious to think that this world where God was dishonored most is the world where he shall be most revered? There is no such display of the attributes and perfections of Godhead in the whole universe beside as there is here. On our blighted soil God has stood foot to foot with moral evil. God incarnate, the Son of God has sustained the conflict, and won the victory, for while the heel of Christ was bruised, the head of the dragon has been most effectually broken! A triumph that God would have us commemorate in time and in eternity, has come through the sin that threatened the destruction of the world.

From a sermon entitled "Angelic Studies," delivered May 1, 1870. Image by Dennis Wong under Creative Commons License.


Cammie Novara said...

"Satan’s craft was dexterous, but God’s wisdom was infinite in its prescience." I completely agree with that. There's a really interesting debate that I thought would be of interest on evolution vs. intelligent design going on at http://www.intelligentdesignfacts.com

WoundedEgo said...

Spurgeon might make sense to some, but clearly he is delusional here. I mean, the serpent in Gen 3:15 is clearly just that... a snake. And the offspring of a snake is what? Another snake. That verse has NOTHING to do with Jesus! It is just a myth about why snakes have no legs, and why people are afraid of them.

Poor snakes - characterized as evil, and thus subjected to the murderous heel of the religious.