Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What but grace could do it?

O sinner, you cannot be saved except by grace in the beginning, grace in the middle, and grace in the end. What but grace can pardon sins such as yours and mine? What but grace could take such as we are and make us God’s children? What but grace could snatch us from hell, and lift us up to heaven? When the man is humbled, and Christ is revealed to him, then it is that God deals graciously with the man, and then it is that he knows he has found grace in the eyes of the Lord. And I like the thought, that it does not say God ever leaves off being gracious to that man.

Where we do not read that God ceases, we may believe that he continues. Does he once deal graciously with a sinner? He will always be gracious to that sinner. Never will he change. That sinner once blessed, shall be blessed through life, and blessed in death, and blessed in eternity, through the sovereign, overflowing, immutable grace which is in Jesus Christ our Lord.

From a sermon entitled "Footsteps of Mercy." Image by Noah under Creative Commons License.

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Darrin said...

Outstanding quote. Grace alone indeed, praise God.