Monday, January 25, 2010

The Blessed Substitute

But, beloved, when I first understood that Jesus Christ stood in the place of all those that believe in him, and that, if I trusted him my sins were all forgiven, because they had been already punished in the person of my blessed substitute, then I had no longer occasion for despair; then I listened to the word of the gospel, feeling, “There is hope for me, even for me.” When I understood that there was nothing expected from me in order to salvation, but that all must come from Jesus; that I was not to be wounded, nor to be made to smart, but that he had been smitten and had been made to bleed on my behalf; and that my life must be found in his death, and my healing in his wounds, then hope sprung up - bright-eyed hope - and my soul turned unto her Father and her God with loving expectations. Was it not so with you?

From a sermon entitled "The Universal Remedy," delivered October 4, 1868. Image by Stephanie Klocke under Creative Commons License.

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