Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doubt yourself but not Him!

Doubt thyself, and go to Jesus. Never doubt him. Confess thyself now to be undone and ruined if so it be, but go to him who is still the Savior, able to save to the uttermost. Still guilty, still lost, still defiled, go still to the “fountain filled with blood;” go still to the openhanded Savior, and ask him to press thee to his bosom and to save thee now. This is the quick way, the sure way, the blessed way of finding out the secret spot, to go at once to Christ. If I never came before, O bleeding Savior, now I come, and if I have often come and put my trust in thee, I come again. Accept a guilty sinner who casts himself alone on thee, and save him for thy mercy’s sake. Amen.

From a sermon entitled "The Secret Spot," delivered November 10, 1867. Image by liz west under Creative Commons License.

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