Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Father's Response

Every creature is favored with divine benevolence; and there is not a creature, from the tiniest ephemera which creepeth upon the green leaf of the forest, up to the swift-winged angel who adoringly flies upon his Master’s will, which is not made to partake of the gifts of the Great Father of Lights. Now, if God hath gifts for all men, how much more will he have gifts for that man who earnestly turns his tearful eye to heaven and cries, “My Father, give me wisdom, that I may be reconciled to thee through the death of thy Son”? Why, the grass, as Herbert says, never asked for the dew, and yet every blade has its own drop; and shall you daily cry for the dew of grace, and there be no drop of heaven’s grace for you? Impossible.

Fancy your own child saying, “My father, my father, I want to be obedient, I want to be holy;” and suppose that you have power to make your child so, could you find it in your heart to refuse? No; it would be a greater joy to you to give than it could be to the child to accept.

From a sermon entitled "Loving Advice For Anxious Seekers," delivered February 17, 1867. Image by Koshyk under Creative Commons License.

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