Monday, April 20, 2009

Continue to labor for Him!

Called early or called late, called at midday or called at early noon, let us together, since we have been called by grace alone, ascribe it all to the Lord Jesus, and moved by the mighty constraints of his love, let us work with body, soul, and spirit - work for him till we can work no longer, and then praise him in the rest of glory. I pray you, brethren, suffer no idleness to creep over you. If you have sought to extend the Redeemer’s kingdom, do it more. Give more, talk more of Christ, pray more, labor more! I often receive the kind advice, “Do less.” I cannot do less. Do less! Why, better rot altogether than live the inglorious life of doing less than our utmost for God. We shall none of us, I am afraid, kill ourselves with working too hard for Jesus.

From a sermon entitled "Early And Late, Or Horae Gratiae," delivered December 10, 1865. Image by Tim under Creative Commons License.

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