Monday, November 5, 2007

God is everywhere

Take the wings of the morning and fly beyond the most distant star, but God is there. God is not a being confined to one place, but he is everywhere; he is there, and there, and there; in the deepest mine man ever bored, in the unfathomable caverns of the ocean; in the heights, towering and lofty; in the gulfs that are deep, which fathom can never reach. God is everywhere. I know from his own words that he is a God who filleth immensity; the heavens are not wide enough for him; he graspeth the sun with one hand and the moon with the other; he stretcheth himself through the unnavigated ether, where the wing of seraph hath never been flapped, there is God, and where the solemnity of silence has never been broken by the song of Cherub, there is God. God is everywhere.

From a sermon entitled "Omniscience," delivered June 15, 1856.

Photo by Evgeni Dinev; some rights reserved.

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