Monday, September 24, 2007

How to see the Lord

...I have come to the conclusion that Mary Magdalene was selected to see Christ first because she loved him most. John loved Jesus much, but Mary loved him more. John looked into the empty sepulcher, and then went away home; but Mary stood there, and wept, until her risen Lord appeared to her. Love, you know, is a keen-eyed grace. People usually say that love is blind. In one sense, the saying is true; but, in another sense, there never were such good eyes anywhere else as those which love carries in her head. Love will look for Jesus, and discover him where none else can. If I set the unloving to read a chapter in the Bible, they will find no Savior there; but if I ask the gracious Robert Hawker to read that same portion of Scripture, he finds in it the name of Jesus from beginning to end. If I beg one, who is simply a critical scholar, to study a Psalm, he sees no Messiah there; but if I set an enthusiastic lover of the Savior to read it, he sees him, if not in every verse, still here and there he has glimpses of his glory.

If you want to see Jesus, and to have sweet revelations of his glory, you must love him.

From a sermon entitled "Christ's Manifestation to Mary Magdalene."

Photo by Thomas Mues; some rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

i have often recognized that Jesus comes to those who love Him most even today i have seen people accomplish tasks they have no training for but only love for Jesus.